Monday, March 12, 2007

Gall Bladder Surgery

Ok, so I'm going to cheat some on this post and use the contents of an e-mail update I sent out, so I don't have to spend a lot of time writing it.

Even with the pain meds, I feel like a walking bruise and am in a lot of pain right now. Apparently my surgery went well. From Heather talking to the doctor, apparently my gall bladder has been bad for some time. It had been oozing/leaking/excreting a sticky substance which had it stuck to the liver. So, in addition to taking out my gall bladder (I'm rather fascinated with this next comment and can't wait to ask the doctor more about it) the doctor had to scrape my liver clean of the sticky stuff.

I'm still hurting all over though. My belly button incision is infected or something from the gall bladder coming out there. (I guess the incision by my belly button is larger and different than it would have been, due to Heather and I forgetting I'd had an umbilical hernia when I was a baby that had been operated on. So the doctor had to cut differently to get the equipment (and gall bladder :-) past the scar tissue left over from that surgery.)

Was going to go into emergency Saturday because of the infection but finally got a hold of the doctor and she called a prescription in for me for antibiotics, so Heather went and got that. That area kind of feels like it's on fire and it hurts like heck when I move or try to bend over. (You know, forget every so often and try to bend and .... ouch - lol, nuff said.) On pain pills from the doctor, was on 2 about every 6 hours, trying to work down to 1 every 6 hours, however still hurts like heck.

The doctor said it was definitely a very gall bladder bad. I talked to her on the phone Saturday. She told me then that it was very nasty (I think those were her exact words). She told Heather that it had been bad for a long time. She had found evidence of scar tissue and decay that was pretty old. She also told Heather on Thursday that my gall bladder had been excreting a sticky goo that had gotten onto my liver, (and that she had to scrape it off of the liver). The doctor also stated that she had to do a lot of cutting of fibrous-fatty tissue attached to and around the gall bladder to get it out. Apparently it was being stubborn.

Hopefully the above is readable and not to fragmented, pain medication and e-mail writing don't seem to go together too well.

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